El Trueque endorses Bernie Sanders

Administrador Galvez
Written by Administrador Galvez. Posted in A su salud on 28 January 2016.
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Today we, not only as Latinos and Latinas, but as a nation, undoubtedly face one of the most significant choices in decades.   First, we can see clearly the deterioration of the political system, specifically of the entrenched political class of the United States; and second,  we can see some candidates  who have forgotten that democracy is the people and resides in the people.  


As a result, we see on one hand candidates obsessed with power using  populist and even fascist language, pointing fingers and blaming others  for what they themselves have caused.  Today, as never before in the history of this nation, we see a direct, irrational, and inhumane attack on minorities. The discourse of hate and blame against a religion, a race, an ethnicity , or a sexual orientation, is a recurring theme in the speech of various candidates.On the other hand we see candidates that represent corporations and the wealthiest elites.

We firmly believe that this nation is strong and prosperous precisely because this is and must remain the land of freedom and tolerance, the land where everyone is welcome and where regardless of  your skin color, your religion, or your social status you are free and can pursue  your dreams and achieve happiness.

Given this reality, we are convinced that the best option at this time is Senator Bernie Sanders.  Through this public letter we express our support and backing for Sanders and invite and urge you as Latinos to caucus based on the ideals of fellowship and social integration, instead of  pragmatism, hate, and money.

We offer our support because we believe that participation in politics  should be based on ideals and convictions, it should be based on seeking the well-being of all people, particularly of the most vulnerable groups.  Senator Bernie Sanders has demonstrated in his record as a public servant that he holds true to these principles.

We as Latinos need to support a candidate with honesty, someone who is committed to promoting comprehensive and humane immigration reform, who has the willingness and solidarity with working people to raise the minimum wage, who will advocate for the environment,  women's rights, and the freedom of religion and will recognize that education and health services are human rights. One person cannot solve every problem today, but Senator Bernie Sanders will start us down the long road towards solutions.


Senator Bernie Sanders has dedicated his life to the struggle for the welfare of all, and has shown himself as an activist, as a mayor, and as a congressman to be consistent with his words, and to have the experience and judgment necessary to be the President of the United States of America.

It is  Senator Bernie Sanders who can ensure that this nation remains the most prosperous and powerful in the world.


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